Cartoon of Sarah snowshoeing

Sarah Adam is an artist in the woods.

As a painter, Sarah focuses on creating whimsical, colorful abstracts and landscapes, using silhouettes and patterns created by both natural and manufactured objects. Her paintings and crafts are acrylic on canvas, wood, and found surfaces. Her themes include foreboding forests, tranquil snowy landscapes, and moonlit skies. Her store includes mini-paintings on scrap wood blocks, painted wooden pins, boxes, frames, and ornaments. She is currently exploring landscapes on found roofing slate shards.

As an illustrator, Sarah includes both digital and traditional approaches to her repertoire of mediums to create whimsical art. Her work includes editorial cartoons and comics, white board animation, several coloring and activity books, and book covers. Her favorite things to draw are frolicking foods and children at play.

Sarah has over 15 years of graphic design experience. She has provided print and web materials for several clients, including non-profits and upstart businesses. She specializes in publication layouts, print/web advertising, branding, point-of-sale signage, pre-press, and wide-format printing.

Welcome to the online studio. Enjoy your visit!