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Madsahara Art & Design
Madsahara Art & Design
I finally got to see my friend's slate mural in person this past weekend! Four panels, 13.5"x24" each. My first slate painting set up for the great outdoors – I'm so happy to see it's holding up well!

Message me if you're interested in creating your own painted slate commission – I have a wide variety of sizes, and I can prepare your art for indoor or outdoor display. <3

(Photos of painted slate panels installed on the outside of a house. Painting of landscape with white tree, gold sky and little birds.)
#SupportLocalArtists #LeydenMA #SlateMural
Madsahara Art & Design
Madsahara Art & Design updated their cover photo.
Madsahara Art & Design
Madsahara Art & Design is in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
Greenfield, Massachusetts
I received the sweetest thank you note from the Greenfield Bee Committee! Thank you again so much for this amazing opportunity. Honey Glow is honored to greet everyone as they arrive into downtown!

#beesculpture #paintedsculpture #honeyglow #beefest